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It’s our mission to make a meaningful impact on every customer’s experience by providing innovative and high-quality products and services. To value all customer’s by honoring their vision of an event, exceed their expectations in regards to attention to detail and individualized planning, and ensure they’re 100% satisfied and compelled to be a repeat host for future occasions. To be the company that refined, finessed, and mastered all the parameters associated with catering. To be the local market leader because people will have the confidence their best interest will be at the heart of all Hosted Gourmet’s efforts.

What we are all about

Lisa’s inspiration for the art of culinary and cuisine ignited while working in Chicago; however her ideas materialized and were set into motion when she settled in Venice, Florida. The trials of life carved a path to the experiences that ultimately influenced her ideas and dreams.  The premise of her vision was to capitalize on her natural ability to unite gourmet food and unique customer service; with ‘exceptional’ being the driver of both creativity and quality. Lisa’s mission promotes the opportunity for individuals who host their parties to enjoy the time with their guests by minimizing disruptions, stresses and distractions associated with the planning/hosting an event.  Inspired by the spirit and advice of her late father; Lisa decided to, “Jump, believe, and Trust.”  Hosted Gourmet transformed from a dream to a reality.

“Be a Guest at Your Own Party!”

Servicing Sarasota and Surrounding Areas

Hosted Gourmet is located in Sarasota

It’s a first-rate catering service with premium food and top-notch service.  Lisa meets with the client, uncovers their favorite ingredients and flavors, and crafts a menu tailored to their individualized style and party tone. We creates three tier menus with different price points, so the customer has flexibility and variety when making their event decisions.

Appetizers and Seafood

Only the Best & Freshest

Appetizers and seafood are her forte. We only use the best and freshest of produce and high-quality ingredients.

If you love to have cocktail parties, impress your co-workers, family, or friends—Lisa’s creativity and talent will flabbergast your taste buds and redefine the standards and meaning of delicious.  All of her recipes are her own; she now has a following for her award winning candied bacon beet dip.

Hosted Gourmet's Savory Edge

Hosted Gourmet does not do traditional food. As you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the pizazz she adds to your everyday basic dishes. She is especially enthusiastic for themed parties, wine pairings, or pick out those lonely bottles from the cellar and create a menu with her for a dinner party that will reset the bar.

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“A perfect mixture of go-getter and go-giver mixed with a fun personality.

Lisa Dubeansky is always someone everyone wants to be around and hear from. She makes a great friend, a great business woman, and the most delicious food! Love her!”
~April Burnett

Have you ever...?

Have you ever had a king crab and oyster raw bar in your back yard? What about a ceviche bar or tropical party with food stations; all while you sip on a drink from the mojito bar gazing at the sunset? Hosted Gourmet’s efforts can help you create a bar from your own bottles or provide you with products and friendly staff/service without paying an inflated price. Corporate lunches, holiday events, benefits/fundraisers, showers, birthdays, funerals; any size or any purpose-Lisa always ensures professionalism and quality are first priorities.


Having some friends over and don’t want to cook? Dinner is served!! Hot and ready to go. Need a reason to celebrate?  How about girl’s night with wine and some fun new appetizers you could learn to make? Liven up that boring chicken breast in the freezer and stop ignoring the lonely spice rack in the dark corner of the kitchen! Hosted Gourmet can revive your taste sensations with zest and restore the fun, pleasure, and enjoyment in hosting a party. Stop stressing and let Hosted Gourmet make YOU the guest of honor at your own party!

Active Member of Your Community

  • Venice Young Professionals
  • Long Boat Key Chamber of Commerce
  • Nokomis/Osprey Chamber of Commerce
  • Venice Chamber of Commerce

Awards & Notorieties

  • 2014 Business of the Year Finalist February 2015
  • Business of the Month winner of Venice Chamber
  • Competitor of local Venice Iron Chef
  • Featured in City Island Magazine, Venice Gondlier, and ABC 7 Suncoast View


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